Taking the leap

Q: I have a bunch of real estate education behind me but I am not taking the steps to move forward. The couple of investors I know are having success, but they yak, yak, yak and make me feel like they are wasting my time. I am short on cash with a family dependent on me, so I’m nervous about what to do next. Leap?

A: As a general rule, it seems that when people are struggling with those first steps or just making basic decisions and choices, what is most often at play is a fear of failure. They see taking action as risking something and most often that “risk” they fear is the horror of falling short in someone else’s eyes or their own. Not knocking it out of the park. Not being successful. “Risking” the criticism and judgment of themselves or others. But I would contend that what you “risk” by not acting and moving forward is that worst of all evils…regret. It has been my personal credo of sorts for as long as I can remember that I can live with anything, but I CANNOT live with regret. I simply cannot imagine anything worse. In fact, I believe this so completely that I had it tattooed on my body as a daily reminder to live and breathe that very conviction. Now while I’m not going to suggest permanently inking yourself, I am going to suggest committing, somewhere inside of yourself, to the belief that Failure is child’s play when measured up against the unforgivable entertainment of Regret.

You also mention that you know a couple of investors who are having success but that they just yak and make you feel as though you are wasting your time. Perhaps you would like to read this back to yourself a time or two as it is possible that if, in fact, they are having success you may want to open your ears to their yakking and hear what they have to say. Not to put too fine a point on it, but perhaps they feel as though they are wasting their time talking to a guy who can’t seem to get off first base and give this a go. I don’t think you’ve earned the right to this attitude. But when push comes to shove, I think that what you need to do is tune out all the Noise going on in your head. Decide what you want and go get it. I completely respect that you have a family depending on you and that you take that responsibility so deeply to heart. You have NO idea just how deeply I esteem your sense of duty and care for your family. But they are counting on you not just to provide an income, but to provide the leadership and courage that they grow and learn from. On a personal level I know how brilliant and capable you are and this limbo is a waste of your time and your Self. Those you love benefit immeasurably more from you living and breathing your life and your potential. Anyone can earn a dollar. Not anyone can inspire, encourage and create a life of richness and meaning.

“We are very near greatness: one step and we are safe; can we not take the leap?” Ralph Waldo Emerson
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