Take your time, hurry up.

“Take your time, hurry up…

The choice is yours, don’t be late.”  For those of you who grew up with the same musical influences as I did you will quickly recognize these contradiction filled words as belonging to Kurt Cobain.  Whether grung...e rock was your thing or not, music…real music, is present day poetry.  Music tends to be where we find the words that resonate with something restless or wondering in our soul.  And at times we need to hear the music, the poetry before we even realize that THAT song, is our song.  For some reason we all seem to be taking our time sorting life out.  Tomorrow we will tackle that problem.  Next week maybe we’ll start to work on our relationship.  Down the line I’ll be in a better frame of mind to work it through or work it out.  After I get on top of my bills, then I’ll start to think about passion and creativity.  Once I master this skill, then I’ll be ready to take on something else.  For so many parts of our life we seem to be waiting for the “Right Time” which always has been and always will be a WASTE of time.  So perhaps we should “hurry up.”  Maybe some urgency is in order so that we can engage in our best life, our best self, our best business, our best relationships…right now. I remember before I was even married my sister saying to our mom that she and her husband were talking about starting a family but they just weren’t sure if it was the right time.  And my mom looked at her with compassion and understanding and said “honey, there will never be a right time.”  Words of great wisdom which shall never be forgotten.  Yet with nauseating repetition I hear my own inner dialog working to talk me out of something because next week would be better.  Or once I’ve finished THIS project then I can take THAT one on.  Or it really isn’t a good time to be diving into a challenge or experience because I’m just too “busy.”  When I finally acknowledged that “busy” is bullshit, I was left without my laundry list of excuses for why I wasn’t or couldn’t get more done.  How ironic that time and time again, the “busiest” people I know are often the least effective.  Those who conduct themselves with purpose, intention and resolve rarely feel busy.  They feel as though their lives are full and they are being productive in directions and endeavors that are meaningful and important to them.  Yet because so many of us have yet to identify or understand our Purpose we lean on being busy in order to feel important and worthy in the world.  If we are overloaded, overwhelmed, in demand, at the end of our rope, and simply have NO time, then have your people call my people and we’ll pencil in a time to have a conference call about our busyness.  Busy has become some misguided merit badge that immerses us in a false sense of significance.  Speaking personally, my co-dependent relationship with being busy was more about the fact that I didn’t want to allow for the time and space to tackle the things in my life that made me feel deeply uncomfortable, scared or uncertain.  It was much easier for me to embrace being busy, than it was to do the work…the REAL work.  It got to the point that I was nearly addicted to the adrenaline of being busy because I was without the sustainable energy source of deep inspiration and soulful motivation.  It was far less challenging for me to be inundated with an endless to-do list than it was for me to get about the business of owning and embracing my WHY and becoming purposeful and determined in that direction.  Most busy people lead messy lives of struggling at work, being frustrated with their relationships and as a general rule are irritated and baffled with their own discontent.  By contrast, those who have chosen to embrace their Why are rarely lost in a flurry of useless activity.  Instead their lives are full, on task and determined and while they seem to enjoy being insanely productive their lives lack the manic, grasping, frazzled nature of those who are endlessly, obsessively busy.  It’s as though the fact that they have found their Purpose allows them to live life with the rhythmic, resolute beauty that comes when one is living their Purpose, their Poem, their Song.  There is an absolutely profound and undeniable difference between those who are living with deep, great Urgency around delivering their Verse to the world and the work that goes along with that spectacular calling, and those who are too busy running from their Reason. So what if we were to stop living a life of conflict and contradiction?  What if we were to stop being busy and to begin instead to be Purposeful?  What if we were to take our time to find our Why, and to Hurry Up about the business of living and loving that passion day in and day out?  What if we were to trade in Busy for our Belief in who we are and what we are called to do?  What if we searched for and honored Why we are here and were fearlessly determined on behalf of this noble cause?  This quest is our right and should belong to and concern us all.  Yet at the end of the day, “the choice is yours, don’t be late.”  “There is nothing the busy man is less busied with than living, and there is nothing harder to learn.” Seneca



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