The Infant Prince

I am speaking of course of the newly born son of the Cambridge clan. It has been nearly two months since the wee one’s heralded birth and as I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day I realized that the ...frenzy over this tiny poppet has yet to die down. I well realize that this country’s birth was a choice to rend ourselves from sovereign rule but is it awful of me to say that I think having a Royal Family is an utterly delightful proposition? Our once noble Democracy is, in the here and now, run by nothing more than a comedic hypocrisy. As so the allure of something that still feels noble and more importantly, hopeful, tends to draw our eyes and our hearts with an interesting longing. In late July the tireless media answered the anticipation of not just a country, but the entire world in announcing that Will and Kate had a beautiful baby boy. Now we are hungry for every delicious detail from whether or not they will hire a nanny, what they will be like as parents, how they will usher in a far more modern monarchy with warmth and real world charm. How did Kate lose the baby weight so quickly? What is she eating? What is she wearing? Is she breastfeeding? Even her boobs are our business. When will they return to their royal duties? As if caring for and being parents to the future king of England isn’t considered a Royal Duty? At any rate, it got me thinking on why, precisely are we so obsessed with this family? To be sure this royal obsession lends itself to women far more than men but I contend that you should all hear me out. Men if you want to make the women in your life ecstatically happy you may do well to read this rubbish. And in exchange maybe my next post will be something that falls squarely in your camp. Madden Football perhaps? So what is it, truly, that draws millions of us to the endless magazine covers, the news stories, and the delightful drama that continues to unfold around this new babe? And I believe what it boils down to is that this is a real life fairy tale and every single one of us wants desperately to believe in such magical things. We became learned in such fantasies as children, but none of us remembers when exactly we surrendered our belief in fairy tales, but we do know even the whisper of something that brings us back to that magical frame of mind where anything was possible, good always overcame evil and love conquered all is a terribly hard notion to forgo or outgrow. And apparently, on some often unspoken level, we never do. We, as women, never entirely let go of wanting a Prince Charming to charge into our life. We always want to feel swept off our feet in some romantic and wonderful way and then find ourselves wrapped safely in the arms of our beloved forevermore. We never stop believing in love, joy, happiness and grand adventure. So now you take that childhood bliss whose enchanted notions we drifted off to sleep with and you bring that to life with this modern day fairy tale and it is hard to resist picking up People Magazine for a quick peek and wistful sigh. But here is where I believe the story becomes thoroughly enchanting. You have the son of a tragic but much beloved figure Princess Diana. Clearly she made some very progressive decisions about how she would raise her boys, but I think her true gift to them was that she was a woman who found her voice, her strength, her own self and in doing so she gave her sons permission, not to be pampered princes, but to be strong, loyal, independent, loving, young men. As such the elder Prince picks a lovely young woman who he falls in love with. And here is where we need to allow our often denied intuition to have a voice. Because what we all FEEL about William and Kate is that they truly, deeply love each other. These two are in every possible way one another’s best and truest friend. We see that in the midst of throngs of thousands upon thousands of people William only has eyes for Kate and what Kate sees is not a prince and his stately trappings but the man that she loves and if he was William the gardener it wouldn’t make a bloody bit of difference . These two are perfect partners that they lean on one another, through the mayhem it all must be. And they honor tradition while forging their own path keeping each other and their new family at the center of all things. The next element that I believe lures us all is the notion of significance. Whether you consider it a blessing or a curse, this young price will grow up within a life where everything he does will be of profound importance and such power must be wielded well and rightly. As a Royal Family they have an incredible resource of influence and I think many of us are desirous of such power and persuasion. Some for the right reasons and others for less noble pursuits and desires. But in truth, I think most of us long for a life that “matters.” That feels purposeful and rich in meaning and intent. We have a need to know what we are doing, why we are doing it and who we are doing it for. And that all of those Reasons count for not just something but everything. We long to feel that our efforts upon each other’s lives make a difference. We wish to lead lives that feel noble and sophisticated yet deeply compassionate and impossibly tender. Some would contend that the relentless interest in the Windsor’s is about an obsession with fame. I think people are obsessed not so much with “fame,” but rather with feeling important. Hopefully our longing for significance is not for its own sake but again for the sake of feeling as though what we do with our moments and minutes matters. Really, truly matters. So let us consider perhaps that we have the best of both worlds. While we may not have the Windsor resources at our disposal each and every one of us has the ability to create our own fairy tale. We can find a Prince Charming…they do exist. We can conduct ourselves with grace, dignity and sophistication. And we can, above all, make sure that our lives and actions are significant, impactful and of deep importance. We can love, and laugh and live with enthusiasms because fairytales don’t have to end just because the lights go out or we outgrow such childish hopes and dreams. But our own story must be seized with a passionate grip that never lets go. So really the fairy tale is up to you, Happily Ever After is there for the taking and the magic lives on for those who believe in it most.



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