Show Up! It's your life!

Show up! It’s your life!


Having just returned from one of the most encouraging, challenging, intriguing and inspiring gatherings I have ever experienced, I can’t help but dwell on the Heart of the Matter. I am speaking of course of the All Star Weekend in Las Vegas presented by the Cor Company two weeks ago. We came to learn about real estate and grow somewhat wiser in our chosen line of work. What we ended up learning wasn’t nearly so much how to be better investors, we learned how to be better people. What we thought would be education was ultimately inspiration. And what we hoped would be motivation became a glimpse of our astonishing promise and, not to be denied potential. We came looking for the professional “take away,” and ultimately we were swept away by the undeniable truth that aligning our intentions toward what we can Give, is infinitely more powerful than searching for what we would hope to Get. I personally had my sights set on creating an impacting, dynamic, educational experience that aspired to offer people the energy and expertise to go out and achieve. How to buy, sell, expand, acquire, and invest. What this experience ended up being surprises and confounds me still. What made this event so extraordinary? What made it so enchanting? Why was I laughing, crying and literally gasping in awe over what was happening? Why did I feel so inspired? Why do I feel so humble and full of promise all in the same breath? And why do the challenges of it all excite rather than fear me?

It’s because over the course of a four days, I had the unique and unforgettable experience of being surrounded by people who were showing up for their life in a BIG way. They weren’t hoping for good things. None of them were wishing for success. No body there was kinda in.   EVERY SINGLE PERSON there came with the whole of who they are. And better still, they gave everything they had. To the event, to one another, to the experience that none of us could describe, but all of us shared.

By way of confession, I am not AT ALL a woo woo kind of person. No group hugs, pat your neighbor on the back or kum bay ya encounters for this gal thank you very much. So the LAST thing I want to do is cast this event in that hazy, intangible, ungraspable light. My lack of ability to adequately describe the experience is solely the fault of my own limited ability and imagination. But the inescapable reality is that this event blew my mind, so in truth it is not my fault that I have none of it left with which to write this post. Once something has blown your imagination, I think it takes a while for it to grow back.

So maybe I’m asking you to just trust me. But really we’d all be better served if you trusted “Them.” Ask someone who was there. Someone who took it in. Someone who knew this would be a valuable experience and so came, but I can absolutely PROMISE you that nobody there expected all of what came our way, myself included. I think Facebook has taken us all from six degrees of separation to about two and a half, so chances are, if you’re reading this post, a friend of a friend was in Vegas.

While I am hard pressed to describe what happened exactly, it is less of a challenge for me to share a few of the most profound Truths that were abundant and ever present. To begin, EVERYBODY at the event was showing up for their life…in a huge way. They weren’t just on a journey they were forging a path. Determining what they want and passionately pursuing it. They were committed, devoted and steadfast in their vision, their beliefs and their whole hearted involvement in their own lives and with whom and what they love. They were making choices, and not easy ones, that purposefully drove them towards that which stirs their soul. And as likely we all know, passion is a magical flame that cannot be resisted. Simply being near one whose fire burns so brightly cannot help but warm those lucky enough to be near. Some Presenters were scared to death of speaking, but their message was so captivating and occasionally jaw dropping that we were all riveted. And we were all rewarded. Rewarded by the overwhelming generosity of hearts and minds. Rewarded by the gift of being in a room full of people who understand what REALLY matters. This was not an experience solely built for the purpose of how to get better at what we wish to achieve, it became an experience about how to be better at who we are. Giving, sharing, belief, faith, passion, education, expertise and across the board a shared expectation that we are better people not because of what we do, but because of who we can become.

They say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and I have personally been beating the drum of “oh no it will not!” Feeling compelled to the point of near obsession with expressing to anybody who would listen just what they missed. But perhaps I am on the wrong track. I think that to some degree, what happened in Vegas WILL stay in Vegas and you’ll just have to join us next year to understand, first hand just what all the fuss is about.

I absolutely cannot wait…



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