About Shauna Pinneo

Who is Shauna Pinneo?


     Shauna Pinneo is complicated. Horse girl meets model meets mother meets hard ass meets writer meets military. Said a different way, Shauna Pinneo is complicated.

     Her gift is uncommon sense in a complicated world. Her style is direct. Her love and passion for what is good and right is infectious, and her distain for tacky, halfhearted, and weak are worn on her sleeve.

     Shauna Pinneo is old school in Prada. She is work ethic and values and consistency and strength. She will connect with your heart and challenge your mind. She was born and raised at the military academy at West Point. Her picture is clear and crisp, on or off, black or white, right or wrong. She is a hundred pounds of qualified opinion, and twice that of compassion.

     Shauna expresses herself on a Facebook blog entitled “Rebel Dwell”. She loves her horses, her children, and is the structure and reason for her entrepreneurial husband. She is about the barn, the boardroom, the bedroom, and the ballpark. She will challenge you to live with intention and to be your unique self. She will make you stronger.