About Us

The Cor Company has live events including 1-day seminars, 2-day intensives, and the life-changing 3.5 day Power Players.  Greg offers one-on-one coaching for Power Player graduates looking for extra guidance and advice.  We have a home study course that Greg has put together on Disc/DVDs.  Finally, we have a membership based group called C.A.P.I.T.A.L Club where all members meet on the "Arena Floor"  on Wednesday's at 6pm Pacific for an hour discussion on Life, Real Estate & Entrepreneurship.  For questions please contact us.

The Cor Company is founded on the principle that with the right mindset and skills, we can all live an extraordinary life. We are about living to our fullest potential. It is about increasing possibility through mindset and proactivity. Principles of success in any endeavor have common threads. We are about pushing people to achieve extraordinary levels of success in every area of life.

Greg and Shauna Pinneo, the owners of The Cor Company, are committed to making a positive difference. Their lives present a challenge to live out loud and to center your life around your passion. The motivational seminars and educational products offered by this team cover essential topics such as the principles that create success, having a possibility mindset, communication, negotiation, real estate finance, entrepreneurial investing, and reaching to find and live your verse.The Cor Company is about getting out of your own way and facing what fears you. It is about creating a life inside and out that most people dare to dream of.