2020 Las Vegas All Star Weekend!
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The Cor Company

2020 Las Vegas All Star Weekend!

 8th Annual All Star Weekend!


When:             Oct. 2nd - 4th, 2020

Where:           Las Vegas, NV

It started with a dream….

        It started with a dream.  Entrepreneurs all, gathered together, each sharing the triumphs and the challenges of the arena.    No other agenda.  Humility, honesty, camaraderie were the words that described the vision I had. 

     Dreams do come true.  October 2013.  We who were there witnessed it.  Amazing, Wonderful, Life- Changing were the ways it was spoken of. 

     And so again…..this coming October.  Same place, same time, same vision.  And…..the word is out!!

     You have seen the pictures of all who are already signed up!  It will be mind boggling.  It will be the Event of the Year without question. 

     There is still time to reserve your seat.  Three days, Twenty-One Presentations, No Selling, Pure Entrepreneurial Energy.  If you want to take your life and business to the next level, this is what will do it!

     We look forward to connecting with you soon in Las Vegas!!




  • “All for the love of life and learning. We ALL at least laughed, cried, learned got inspired, got educated; and that’s at least…”        Weylin Bush 
  • “WOW! Some speakers blew us away, some made us cry, some showed us the volatility of the market. I must say it was like one year of education in three days.  This event should be repeated…over and over again.”            Garrett Burdick
  • “This weekend was amazing. I have to admit it exceeded all my expectations.”

                                                                                                Diskin Young

  • “There really is no better learning than that which is taught by those in the field. The presentations were excellent, both in technical application and mental stimulation…all the way through we were riveted."         Jim Chandless
  • “I stand amazed with the diversity of the speakers to which we were exposed. We are all better and blessed for having been there! I COUNT MYSELF EXTREMELY LUCKY!”

                                                                                                Marci Millican

  • Clarity…after attending this event it is clear I need to attend more like it. It is time to up the intensity of my game.           Kevin Hall
  • “We left Las Vegas forever changed. We are awed…with knowledge, possibilities, opportunities, resources, connections…hero’s and superhero’s. 

                                                               Chris Dorton

  • WOW! What a true privilege it was to spend time discussing meaningful ideas, lessons learned, and plans for the future with motivated, passionate, and diverse individuals who all share the common denominator of real estate and “living deliberately.” I can’t wait for next year!                                 Marisa Gholson
  • “I don’t envy you the nearly impossible task of trying to describe the weekend’s events. My question is how can you possibly hope to top that next year. I feel saddened for the people that missed the event.”               Vic Varela
  • “The All Star Intensive was an amazing event. I didn’t realize so many people were creating so much opportunity and making such an impact on their community! Eagerly awaiting next year’s event!”            Antonio Lombardo
  • “Being surrounded by high caliber people with such vision and drive just can’t be paralleled by a book or even a teleseminar. There is no substitute to being in the room.  Wish you were there. You were missed.”       Mike Jones
  • “My expectations were very high and they were exceeded! How to put into words an experience beyond words? Which is so moving that each day and speaker I ask, “How do you top that?” I am moved to tears it was so powerful…I am so grateful to Greg and Shauna for creating this life changing event.”        Mark Pantak
  • “The Vegas All Star Intensive was a powerhouse of a weekend. The three days of presentations were finely balanced with the right combo of knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation. At the end of each day I was ready to be my best, conquer the world and push my efforts to the next level by challenging the size of my aspirations.”   Graham Thomas
  • “Incredibly talented, accomplished and unpretentious individuals sitting…everywhere in the room. The big take away for me was to stay curious about who people are."                          Rick Romatowski
  • “This weekend was amazing! What a source of inspiration, knowledge and sharing! There was something for everyone!           Stefan Newbury
  • “This event far exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be good, but not like this! The talks were all great and personal stories were inspirational.”           Wayne Taylor


Gold:        $1247 Single;       $1997 Couple                       

   *includes premier seating.

   *Thursday evening hosted reception with Greg, Shauna, and the event speakers

   *Hosted Exclusive Reception on Friday, Saturday or Sunday with Greg and Shauna and that day’s

     speakers at one of the Bellagio’s premier penthouse suites.

Silver:      $647 Single:                   $997 Couple

   *includes preferred seating with tables closer to the front of the room.

   *access to all no-host after hours functions

Bronze:    $497 Single:                   $797 Couple

   *includes theatre style seating

   *access to all no-host after hours functions


***Seating is limited! Reserve your space NOW!***


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