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Entrepreneurial Couples Exchange

Entrepreneurial Couples Exchange


 Date: September 18th, 2021

At the Hangar in Arlington, WA! 


Being married in this day and age is not for the faint of heart.  Add the challenge of raising children to the equation and it can seem overwhelming.  Then, just to really make crazy even crazier, try to run an entrepreneurial business with your spouse.  One cannot even calculate the chances of survival much less abundance.   

For nearly twenty-five years Greg and Shauna have navigated these waters.  Along the way they have taken good notes on what leads to success and what constitutes a short road to failure.  On Saturday,  September 18th  2021, Greg and Shauna will be hosting a vibrant exchange for entrepreneurial couples.  The outline they will moderate will parlay to valuable discussion centered around the navigation of multiple roles as life partners.  This gathering will be held at the Cor Company World Headquarters in Arlington Washington.  Lunch will be served, and happy hour will start at 5:00 in tandem with this year’s Hangar Steak Alliance dinner social gathering.  Men and Women will be welcome at the Hangar Steak Alliance gathering beginning at 5:00 and going until late into the evening.  People from all over the United States typically attend this extraordinary evening.

There is no charge for the Entrepreneurial Couples Exchange or the Hangar Steak Alliance dinner gathering, but reservations are required so food and beverage can be planned accordingly. No children under 18 please.   

A list of moderately priced hotels close by is attached.  Due to airport rules, there can no longer be any “crashing” at the hangar. 


Best Western Plus:

Wyndham Garden:

Tulalip Resort: