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Pinneo's Signature Real Estate Investment Course

Pinneo's Signature Real Estate Investment Course

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Part One – (2 Audio Files / 1 workbook) Creating wealth through real estate, including strategies for marketing, wholesaling, rehabbing, and financing options; understanding leverage and leveragable equity. It includes all the education you need to get you started investing now or to improve your existing portfolio. Greg will show you how to create monetary and life wealth through Real Estate. He will cover the cash producing strategies like wholesaling, rehabbing and options. He will also go into those techniques that will produce cash flow and build long-term, freedom-creating wealth.


Part Two – (5 Audio Files / 1 workbook) The nuts and bolts of structuring the deal, including financing options, sources of credit, and writing contracts. This is the essential complement to Part One. You will write up the paperwork so you have the tools to take a deal from initial contact through closing. You will also learn about a variety of financing options: alternative sources, unsecured lines of credit and how to package your life to get a loan. You will become fluent in clauses that will set the stage for future flexibility and profits. Now that you have the strategy, sharpen your pencils for structuring the deal:

          • Purchase and Sale Agreements
          • Promissory Notes
          • Deeds of Trust
          • Substitution of Security
          • All Inclusive Trust Deeds
          • Options and Lease Options
          • Life Estate Acquisitions
          • Slice and Dice Clause
          • Subordination Agreements
          • First Right of Refusal Clause