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Two on Two Couples Intensive


Two on Two Intensive

The Couples Retreat is a three day experience that focuses with strength, clarity and direction on the three central aspects of your life and well-being.

¨ Your relationship with yourself

¨ Your personal relationships

¨ Your business relationship and success

These three cogs are unarguably essential to the time piece of our life working smoothly, effectively and with the satisfaction of great purpose.  If any one of these is out of rhythm with another, we are wasting time, wasting energy and wasting our potential.  Greg and Shauna have been immersed in the education field long enough to realize that teaching technique is an unproductive endeavor if the essential elements of mindset, healthy relationships, and business savvy are not powerfully and effectively combined.  The undeniable bottom line is that YOUR financial bottom line is profoundly affected by mastering your personal potential and engaging in healthy, challenging, rewarding relationships. 

In spite of this tested Truth, we can all become so preoccupied with one aspect of our lives that the others begin to suffer from lack of attention and intention.  Or it may be that because one aspect of life is a struggle we throw ourselves at another in the hopes of feeling good or accomplished about something…anything.  But the reality is that each of the essential elements of our life MUST work in harmony if we want to experience happiness, productivity, affluence, joy, contribution and connection.  Pursuing one element of life and success while overlooking the others will always have us falling short of the abundance of what could be.

We have watched hundreds of people learn, struggle, succeed, falter, overcome, try, fail and achieve.  The common thread that runs through a fulfilling life and business experience is that all three elements are understood, engaged in and seen for their absolute and essential importance.  The Optimization Intensive is a custom crafted experience that promises to honor, engage in and expand your measure of what is possible in every aspect of life. 

Each participating couple fills out an intake form so that Greg and Shauna can tailor the experience to the specific goals, desires and unique nature of the individuals they engage with.  It takes an immense amount of courage to dive into all the elements of our life with a commitment to pursue something extraordinary.  This Intensive is built upon the belief that greatness is the gift given to those who are brave enough to pursue exceptional abundance.  Anything less is cause for disappointment, regret and unrealized possibilities.  Our singular goal is to honor you, your life and your right to Joy by working with you in very specific ways to achieve what you have had the audacity to imagine.  

Our goal is not personal balance, blissful relationships or healthy bank accounts.  It is an unyielding devotion to all of the above…the Whole of who you are.  Greg and Shauna are relentlessly committed to seeing others thrive and live a life of extraordinary Purpose, Meaning and Abundance.  It is with that belief and unwavering desire that we look forward to sharing this experience with you.