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AAA Experience


Greg comes to you!

After seeing the impact he has had with Power Players while onsite with them in their area of investment, Greg realized that the people truly serious about their real estate entrepreneurship would greatly benefit from a "day with Greg" in their areas of expertise.  After getting amazing feedback, Greg created this package.
  • Greg will fly out to you, the night before your "day in your stomping grounds".
  • You'll meet Greg early the next day for coffee and a intensive session of "where are you at" in your real estate activities and knowledge of your areas.
  • You'll work with Greg to determine the best locations you should visit during your day together.
  • Walk and drive your investment neighborhoods, discussing details of what's on the market and activities you've taken.
  • Spend the full day learning from Greg how he sees your neighborhoods in his eyes, and how he would approach your market.
This bundle provides the most direct way to advance in your real estate investments, with Greg at your side.  It start with Greg coming to you and spending a day walking your streets with you discussing your investment hunting ground, and then spend the next three months holding you accountable to the plan you two create together.
  • One-on-One onsite where Greg comes to your City for a full day on the streets.
  • 3 months of one-on-one coaching with Greg Pinneo.
Note: Please contact us below to inquire about this offering.  Greg and his team will work with you to ensure you have met the requirements.


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