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Mastering The Bird Letter


Shauna Pinneo, co-owner of The Cor Company, has reviewed and re-written hundreds of "bird letters" for students over the years. These efforts have led to the conclusion that people have a very difficult time with the art and the science of this type of letter. In an effort to help students in their acquisition efforts, Shauna took it upon herself to create an educational set that is sure to be among the most valuable The Cor Company has ever created. In that getting the phone to ring is critical to any successful deal, Shauna gives you step by step insight and direction to help you create your own effective bird letter.
In this package you will get examples of every type of bird letter you will ever need, as well as several before and after editing examples of letters so you can see the changes made and the reasons that support the changes. In an audio CD, Shauna goes over each type of letter, the objectives for each and how to best achieve them, as well as common mistakes people make unknowingly that cost them a possible opportunity. At the center of our business there is an absolute need to be face to face with owners considering selling. "Mastering The Bird Letter" will give you the greatest chance of making the phone ring so that your entrepreneurship has an arena to shine.