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Cor Company Individualized Coaching

Cor Company Individualized Coaching




Entry prerequisites:

              -Having attended the Power Player Intensive or the AAA experience

              -Having your coaching intake form approved by Greg and the Cor Company Staff


Phase One Coaching:

Every coaching student starts here.  Phase one is designed to first understand where the student is at with their life and their business.  From this understanding, a game plan will be created with focus on critical first steps.  Students will have two scheduled coaching sessions a month, each roughly an hour long, to discuss their progress with the plan, new acquisition opportunities and how they potentially fit into the plan, and to check the systems and subsequent activity that will insure the plans success.  Two coaching sessions per month with interim discussions as activity and opportunity necessitates is the starting place for every coaching student.  A minimum of a six-month commitment in phase one is required for entry. 


Cost for Phase One Coaching:  $1,700.00 / month


Phase Two Coaching:

After a minimum of six months in Phase One Coaching, a student is eligible for Phase Two Coaching.  Entry into Phase Two is not automatic.  Greg and the Cor Company staff, at their sole discretion, need to feel the student has exhibited the highest level of competence, professionalism, and consistency of commitment to the Phase One program.  If eligible, Phase Two Coaching is set up for a monthly scheduled coaching session for ninety minutes.  The student will create an outline for the session, and along with all pertinent details necessary for a productive discussion, have this outline to Greg twenty-four hours ahead of the scheduled session.  From minute one of the session, there will be priority and focus following the students outline to insure the most productive amount of content covered.


Cost for Phase Two Coaching:  $1,200.00 / month


Movement from Phase One to Phase Two will require a thirty day notice and approval, and discontinuing coaching all together requires a thirty day paid notice.