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Pinneo's Top 5 Deal Structuring Templates

Pinneo's Top 5 Deal Structuring Templates


In the world of deal structuring, job one is “discovering all available means of agreement” (Aristotle).  This process of uncovering facts, feelings, personalities, motivations, and every other relevant nuance is critical. Once the puzzle pieces are turned upright, we can begin thinking about how to solve the puzzle. 

 Although there are endless ways of structuring proposals to purchase real property, this training goes into detail with the five deal structure templates I have most used in my nearly five decades as a buyer of real estate.  Every deal structure in this training is discussed in detail in a video format so that the student can view it again and again.  Every deal structure includes the written template for each, making it easy to simply plug in the realities of the deal you are working on into the structure for each template presented.


The intention behind creating this education was to install firmly in the mind of students the most common entrepreneurial deal structures and how knowing them intimately will equate to more win-win closed transactions. 


All for just $497!