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Teleseminar Series 1

Teleseminar Series 1

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In the vast and ever-changing world of real estate investing it is exciting to have a medium from which we can stay timely and current with all of you. Through these teleseminars we are able to dive into topics relevant to today's volatile market, as well as regularly coming back to discussions on the foundational and steadfast principles of real estate investing.

Teleseminar Series 1 contains 23 hour-long audio topics (some including pdf articles) including:

  1. The Spousal side of Entrepreneurship
  2. Negotiating a  “YES”
  3. Entrepreneurial Construction
  4. “Getting It” : Awareness plus Action
  5. The World of Loan Modifications
  6. We Become Our Associations
  7. Top Dozen obstacles that hinder Achievement
  8. How to Overcome being overcome
  9. 24 Tips to Maximize 24 Hours
  10. The Mind of Private Money
  11. He Paid it Forward: A Tribute to Abie Label my mentor
  12. 5 Critical Elements of Customer Service
  13. Structuring an intelligent offer in a stupid economy
  14. Cross Roads Decisions
  15. Quick Ten Question Opportunity Checklist
  16. Great Defense & Superb Offense
  17. When will change happen for the better
  18. What you see is not what you get!
  19. Check Engine Light
  20. Principles of creating passive income
  21. Taking on a Partner: Questions to answer before you join forces
  22. Coach Pinneo Newsflash: An interview w/ Anthony Petz
  23. The sweet 16 financial principles
  24. “Series” Related articles (71 Pages)

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Digital Download including 23 MP3's and 1 ZIP file with related articles totaling 71 pages.