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Teleseminar Series 2

Teleseminar Series 2

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In the vast and ever-changing world of real estate investing it is exciting to have a medium from which we can stay timely and current with all of you. Through these teleseminars we are able to dive into topics relevant to today's volatile market, as well as regularly coming back to discussions on the foundational and steadfast principles of real estate investing.

Teleseminar Series 2 contains 24 hour-long audio topics (some including pdf articles) including:

  1. Self Unemployment: Do you have what it takes? 
  2. Deal Art: Small changes make a dramatic difference 
  3. Clarity, Calm & Quality while going warp speed 
  4. Race for $50K 
  5. Making a destination offer 
  6. Two heads are better than one 
  7. Increasing your net worth every day 
  8. The wisdom of the Christmas tree lot 
  9. Thanksgiving undercover 
  10. The best tenant is you 
  11. 10 questions to prepare for a new year 
  12. Customized giving 
  13. A ten year perspective 
  14. Persistence 
  15. The gauges of business flight 
  16. The perfect storm 
  17. “Multiple choice offer” strategy 
  18. Entrepreneurial Living 
  19. Due Diligence checklist 
  20. 10-10-10 
  21. Cash flow is King! 
  22. He Said…She Said 
  23. Interview w/ Mike Cantu Part 1 
  24. Interview w/ Mike Cantu Part 2 

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25 Physical CD's including 24 audio CD's and 1 data CD with related articles.

Digital Download including 23 MP3's and 1 ZIP file with related articles.