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Teleseminar Series 4

Teleseminar Series 4


 In the vast and ever-changing world of real estate investing it is exciting to have a medium from which we can stay timely and current with all of you. Through these teleseminars we are able to dive into topics relevant to today's volatile market, as well as regularly coming back to discussions on the foundational and steadfast principles of real estate investing.

Teleseminar Series 4 contains 24 hour-long audio topics including:

  1. Awareness, Action and Accountability
  2. This Teleseminar is For You
  3. Calling all Entrepreneurs Back to School
  4. Entrepreneurial Balance
  5. Shauna’s Birthday Present to Us
  6. Opportunity in Vacation Rentals
  7. Meet Dr. Michael Shadow
  8. 10 Things to Do Before Sitting Down With a Seller
  9. A Checklist to Determine the Perfect Seller
  10. The Art & Science of a Bird Letter
  11. What Really Scares You
  12. Flexibility: When Plan B Becomes Plan A
  13. Nothing Can Take the Place of Persistence
  14. The Value of Competition
  15. The Greatest Currency
  16. The Most Effective Use of December for Your Business
  17. The 12 Days of Christmas….Only Different
  18. My Year - Our Mission
  19. Wrapping Up 2011
  20. First Teleseminar of 2012
  21. Working With Real Estate Agents in a Buyer’s Market
  22. The Interview of Greg Pinneo
  23. The Most Inspirational Power Player
  24. Metaphors of Las Vegas

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